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Mooresville Board of Commissioners – October 2, 2023

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Public Comment
  2. Call to Order
    Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Presentations
    3.a Sister City Proclamation & remarks from the Hockenheim Mayor
    Proclamation – Sister Cities Hockenheim (2023).pdf
    3.b Mooresville Police Department Promotions
  4. Manager’s Report
  5. Adjustments to the Agenda
    Consent Agenda:
    6.g (ADD) Consider a request from Public Services to approve a 3-year contract with Rubicon
    Global, LLC in an amount not to exceed $127,000 for routing software. The routing software will
    help operations run more effective and efficient as well as help reduce fuel costs and vehicle repair
    costs. The funds were approved in the budget. Contract ID – 24-142
    Resolution – Rubicon Global LLC.pdf
    6.h (ADD) Consider a request from IT to approve the maintenance and licensing for the Town’s
    Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with CDW-G in the amount of $267,309.13. It is an evergreen
    contract (21-155). Funds were approved in the FY24 budget.
    Town of Mooresville, NC Est. EA Renewal 8.31.2023.pdf
  6. Consent Agenda
    6.a Consider the following adjustments to the Town Tax Scroll for 2023. (pages 5-6)
  • Releases: $31,682.55
  • Additions: $85,768.16
  • Vehicles: $388,849.66
    6.b Consider approving the 2023 Tax Scroll for the Town of Mooresville and Mooresville
    Downtown District. Town of Mooresville – $11,769,057,709 (Net Assessed Value) Mooresville
    Downtown District – $65,943,223 (Net Assessed Value) Tax Scroll 2023 – 1.pdf (pages 7-9)
    6.c Consider approving the Minutes and Closed Session Minutes from the August 7, September 5,
    and September 18, 2023 Board of Commissioners meetings.
    6.d Consider a request from Human Resources to create an Accountant position to provide
    additional support and assistance. This position will be funded by lapsed salary and will not require
    a budget amendment.
    6.e Consider a request from Public Services to approve a Certification of Municipal Declaration to
    enact a speed zone on NC 115 within the corporate limits of Mooresville. This is to establish a
    reduced speed limit of 45 mph on NC 115 south of Langtree Road. (pages 10-12)
    NC 115 Municipal Concurrence Letter.pdf NC 115 Muncipal Concurrence .pdf NC 115
    Ordinance Map.pdf
    6.f Consider a request from Public Services to purchase a replacement bucket truck for the Street
    Department, from Piedmont Trucks, in the amount of $173,481.90. Funds were approved in the
    FY24 budget. Mooresville-Versalift-STC-2024-F5Hdiesel84-Oakes.pdf (page 13)
  1. Regular Agenda
    7.a Conditional Rezoning: Pandora Road (CZ 2022-20)
    Habitat for Humanity Charlotte Region, Inc is seeking Conditional Residential Low-Intensity zoning
    (C-RLI) for a 9.21-acre site located at the end of Pandora Road. The property is currently zoned
    Residential Limited Service (RLS). The site is in the ETJ and the applicant is seeking concurrent
    CZ2220_Pandora Packet.pdf ORD CZ-2022-20 Pandora.docx
    7.b Voluntary Annexation and Utility Extension: Pandora Rd (AX-2022-45)
    Consider a voluntary annexation and utility extension request (AX-2022-45) from Habitat for
    Humanity Charlotte Region, Inc for approximately 9.21 acres located at the end of Pandora Road.
    TB Packet-AX-2022-45.pdf ORDINANCE – PANDORA RD. (AX-2022-45)(10-2-2023).pdf
    7.c Conditional Rezoning: 1176 Shearers Rd. (CZ 2023-04)
    JSL Properties, LLC, is seeking Conditional-Traditional Neighborhood zoning (C-TN) for a 2.08 acre
    site located at 1176 Shearers Rd (PIN 4665278526). The property is in the ETJ (Extra Territorial
    Jurisdiction) and is currently zoned RLS (Residential Limited Service). The applicant is seeking
    concurrent annexation.
    CZ 2-23-04 – Shearers Road – Final Packet – Complete (003).pdf ORD -TB-CZ-2023-04.pdf
    7.d Voluntary Annexation and Utility Extension: 1176 Shearers Road (AX 2023-03)
    Consider a Voluntary Annexation and Utility Extension Request (AX-2023-03) for a 2.08-acre site
    located at 1176 Shearers Road (PIN 4665278526)
    AX23-03 – 1176 Shearers – Final Packet – 9 5 23.pdf ORDINANCE- AX 2023-03 – 1176 SHEARERS RD
    7.e Annexation Agreement between Town of Mooresville and Town of Troutman
    Troutman Annex Agreement 10-2-2023 Packet.pdf
    Ordinance- Troutman Annex Agreement 9-2-2023.pdf
    7.f Text Amendment: Erosion and Sedimentation Control (TA 2023-03)
    Text Amendment 2023-03 (TA-2023-03): Amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance for
    Chapters 2, 5, 8, and 9 to add Erosion and Sediment Control standards, definitions, and related
    TA-2023-03 Soil and Erosion.pdf
    7.g Consider Scheduling Public Hearings for Land Use Items
    Consider scheduling a public hearing(s) for land use items and/or approve Certificate(s) of
    Sufficiency and Adopt Resolution(s) for Voluntary Annexation and Utility Extension Request(s) for
    the following application(s):
    November 6, 2023
  • CZ-2023-08: Talbert Road
  • CZ-2023-06: 630 Brawley School Road (Mi Pueblo)
    November 20, 2023
  • CZ-2023-09: 443 Alcove Road
  • AX-2023-07: 443 Alcove Road
  1. New Business
  2. Closed Session
    a. Consult with Attorney- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3)
    b. Economic Development- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(4)
    c. Acquisition of Property – G.S. 143-318.11(a)(5)
    d. Personnel- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(6)
  3. Adjourn

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