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Mooresville Board of Commissioners – October 16, 2023

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Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Presentations
    2.a Swear in Police Officers – Josh Ammons, Mike Gittings, and Ethan Wyatt
    2.b Mooresville Downtown Commission Annual Report
  2. Manager’s Report
  3. Adjustments to the Agenda
  4. Consent Agenda
    5.a Consider a request from the Mooresville Christmas Parade Committee to close Main Street
    from Iredell Avenue to Park Avenue, and from McLelland Avenue to Brawley Avenue on
    Tuesday November 21, 2023, from 1:00pm to 6:00 p.m. for the Annual Christmas Parade.
    (pages 5-7)
    5.b Consider adopting a resolution to appoint Jim Landon as the Interim Town Manager effective
    October 23, 2023. Contract #24-243 (pages 8-13)
    Resolution for Interim Town Manager.docx Mooresville Interim
    Town ManagerContract_V2.docx
    5.c Consider a request from Finance to donate surplus fitness equipment to Fuzion Teen Center,
    a non-profit organization. (pages 14-17)
    Fuzion request letter.pdf IRS Fuzion 501c3.tif
    Fuzion 990 status printable.jpg Agenda Item- Fitness Equipment Fuzion Teen Center.pdf
    5.d Consider a request from the Library to accept Continuing Education Scholarship from the
    State Library of NC for funding in the amount of $2,417 and amend the budget
    accordingly. This grant will pay for Library Specialist Sara McKee to attend The University
    of Washington Archival Best Practices Bootcamp November 11/13-11/-16 registration,
    travel, lodging and associated expenses. (pages 18-30)
    23-24 CE Award Letter.pdf
    Arrangement and Description Fundamentals class.pdf
    Managing Digital Records in Archives class.pdf
    More Product Less Process class.pdf
    SLNC scholarship application for A&D classes-edited.pdf Travel Request SMCKEE Nov 2023
    Seattle.xlsx GF – Library 10.16.23 State Grant Con Ed.pdf
    5.e Consider a request from Parks & Recreation to approve an amendment to transfer $4,316
    from Golf Operating budget into Golf Capital Budget to cover the increase in cost for
    equipment budgeted for replacement in the FY2024 budget. (page 31)
    GF – Golf 10.16.23 equipment price increase.xlsx
    5.f Consider a request from Parks & Recreation to appoint the following individuals to the
    Public Arts Committee for a 3 year term to expire on June 30, 2026
  5. Caroline Harmon
  6. Kelly Korak
  7. Diane Sulg
  8. Christina Dicioccio
    5.g Consider a request from the Planning and Community Development Department to
    approve a letter of match commitment for the following transportation projects to
    CRTPO for funding. (32-35)
    TB Staff Memo CRTPO Grant Submittal Fall 2023.pdf
    5.h Consider a request from the Police Department to accept a grant from the NC Governor’s
    Highway Safety Program (GHSP) in the amount of $123,980 to fund Year #2 of
    Department’s Traffic Unit Expansion Project and accept the corresponding budget
    amendment. This is continuation funding of an existing 3-year program and GHSP will
    reimburse the Town 70% of allowable expenses. Consider an amendment in the amount of
    $93,881 from the Police Department to accept the Fiscal Year 2024 portion of the grant.
    This portion will cover salaries, benefits and training. The 30% Town match will be covered
    through existing budget. (36-37)
    GHSP Traffic Grant – Year 2 Budget Detail.pdf GF – Police 10.16.23 GHSP Traffic Expansion
    5.i Consider a request from the Police Department to accept a grant in the amount of
    $1,105,000, and amend the budget accordingly, from the US Department of Justice/COPS
    Technology Program to fund new communications equipment for the Police Department
    with no match required from the Town. (38-39)
    COPS Technology Grant Award.pdf GI – Police & IT 10.16.23 COPS Technology and
    Equipment grant.xlsx
    5.j Consider a request from the Police Department to accept a grant in the amount of
    $375,000 from the US Department of Justice/Office On Violence Against Women to
    continue support of a Special Victims Detective for the Police Department and a Victim
    Advocate at Diakonos, Inc. dba My Sister’s House (sub-recipient). The grant will provide
    83.2% reimbursement of base salaries, fringe benefits, and specified training for three
    years, with the Town and Diakonos responsible for a cash match of 16.8% of allowable
    expenses for their respective personnel. Consider also amending the budget to accept the
    portion of the grant which applies to the Town’s Fiscal Year 2024. (pages 40-42)
    OVW FY 2023 Synopsis.pdf GF – Police 10.16.23 OVW –
    24 – ICJR Grant.xlsx Budget for FY 23 OVW ICJR
    5.k Consider a request from the Police Department to accept a grant from the US
    DOJ/Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) in the amount of $10,362.50 and amend the budget
    accordingly. (page 43)
    GF – Police 10.16.23 Bullet Proof Vest Grant.xlsx
    5.l Consider a request from Public Services to approve a municipal reimbursement
    agreement, along with the corresponding budget amendments, with NCDOT for
    design, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation, and construction of TIP# BL0056 (Mooresville Sidewalk Package), which includes construction of greenways and
    sidewalks at various locations in Mooresville to provide safe connections to and from
    schools and school programs. The total amount of the project funding is $2,638,667,
    with 75% being federally funded ($1,979,000) and 25% being the Town’s
    responsibility ($659,667). Contract #24-183 (pages 44-68)
    GFCP – Mooresville Sidewalk Package 10.16.23 Muni. Serv. Agree. NCDOT.pdf
    5.m Consider an amendment to the Agreement for Professional Services with Willis Engineers
    for Construction Inspection and Administration of the Wiggins Road Pump Station and
    Pipelines Contracts to adjust the contract price by $126,000 for a total amount not to
    exceed $1,500,000. Consider also approving the internal transfer of funds in the amount of
    $126,000. This is due to delays in the construction contract with Hall Contracting for
    construction of the work. Contract #24-232 (pages 69-77)
    Letter – Construction Phase Amendment 2023 10 02.pdf
    UFCP – Northside FMPS (Wiggins) 10.16.23 Willis contract.pdf
    Willis Engineers Inc. 3909 Oct 06 2023.docx
  9. Regular Agenda
    6.a Consider a Conditional Rezoning for an approximately 30 acre site located off of
    Rinehardt Road (CZ-2023-07)
    Jean & Donald Wilkinson are seeking Conditional-Traditional Neighborhood zoning (C-TN)
    for parcel 4657881786, a 29.144-acre site along Rinehardt Rd. The property is in the ETJ
    (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction) and is currently split-zoned RLS (Residential Limited Service)
    and HLI (Hybrid Light Industrial). The applicant is requesting a continuance to December 4,
  10. (pages 78-106)
    CZ-2023-07 Packet.pdf
    ORD CZ-2023-07_Reeds Creek Towns (Same Conditions).pdf
    6.b Consider a Voluntary Annexation and Utility Extension for an approximately 30 acre site
    located at Rinehardt Road (AX-2023-06).
    Consider a voluntary annexation and utility extension request (AX-2023-06) from
    NorthState Development, LLC for an approximately 30 acre site located at Rinehardt Road
    (PIN 4657881786). The applicant is requesting a continuance to December 4, 2023.
    (pages 107-124)
    AX-2023-06 Packet.pdf
    6.c Consider a Rezoning Request (RZ-2023-04) for a 0.6 acre site located at 442 W.
    Moore Ave.
    The Town of Mooresville is seeking Traditional Neighborhood zoning (TN) for 442 W Moore
    Ave, and an adjoining parcel on Gantt St, totaling .60 acres. The property is currently zoned
    Conditional Use Highway Business (CU-HB), which was established in 1994 and restricts the
    site to Funeral Home use only. (pages 125-145)
    RZ-2023-04 Packet.pdf
    Draft Ordinance.pdf
  11. Closed Session
    a. Consult with Attorney- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(3)
    b. Economic Development- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(4)
    c. Acquisition of Property – G.S. 143-318.11(a)(5)
    d. Personnel- G.S. 143-318.11(a)(6)
  12. Adjourn

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