Iredell Warriors vs Gators July 25,2015

Game between the top conference players, the Iredell Warriors and the Charlotte Gators, in Charlotte on July 25, 2015. No score until after half-time, nice battle for these two teams. This is to celebrate these fine athletes and the Game! I claim no rights to any music used in this video, I give all credit to the music artists. I make no money from this video, it is for all to enjoy. The music used is as follows:

Produced by: Paula Terrell

The Game – “How We Do” – Instrumental Unstoppable –

“Epic Fight Beat” – Instrumental

Avicii – “Levels” – Instrumental

Dark Trap – “The Underworld 2015” – Instrumental

“Push On” – Hard Hip Hop X Motivational Instrumental

I claim no rights to the music featured in this video, and make no money from this video, it is to celebrate these athletes and the game! Please allow to post, Thank You.

Music “Forgive Me Lord” by MurdaWorth Mexicanz (Google Play • AmazonMP3 • iTunes)